Twitter Advertising Gets Easier

The social media world is going crazy over Facebook advertising, and it sure does beat Google Adwords. But Twitter are catching up – and it seems from their take on advertising that deciding factors on who sees your ads are much simpler than the other giants’ set up.


How To Succeed In Social Media Marketing If Facebook Bites The Dust

pick of the day2Remember MySpace? Bebo? No? Well at one time they were huge. Then they weren’t. There’s no archaeological evidence as to why. It’s just a fact.

Last year there was a mass exodus of the 18-25 demographic from Facebook. It is possible that a meteor could wipe it out just like the mighty dinosaurs. What then?

Here’s a back-to-basics post about how to succeed in social media no matter what the  platform throws at you! Just click here to read.

An Introduction To Google Plus Pages For Businesses And Brands

Google Plus for businessSince Google first launched their social networking site Google Plus, millions of people have joined the website. Some potential members weren’t welcome, however: businesses and brands. Thankfully this has all changed with the launch of Google Plus Pages. But how do they work and what makes them stand out from a regular Google Plus profile?

How To Create Your Google Plus Page

Creating a Google Plus page is simple. To start, visit the Google Plus business page at and select the type of page you want to create from the following categories:

* Local business or place,
* Product or brand,
* Company, institution or organization,
* Arts, entertainment or sports,
* Other.

Depending on the category you select, you’ll need to enter some more information such as your business phone number, website URL and the name of your page. Once you’ve done so you can upload a photo, edit your “about” page and start promoting your Google Plus Page.

The Difference Between Google Plus Pages And Personal Profiles

As you can see, the setup process is extremely simple, and Google Plus Pages come with the same clean layout as a personal Google Plus profile. You can use your page in the same way, too: post updates to your page, share links on your about page, upload photos and showcase your videos. Google Plus Pages also carry a visible +1 button to help their fans and customers show public support.

There are a few key differences, however. With a personal account, you can circle anyone you want, regardless of whether they circle you first. On Pages, however, you can only circle those who have already circled your account. As with personal profiles, only those who circle your Page will receive updates (even if you don’t circle them back).

There are a few ways to get people to circle your new Google Plus Page:

1) Share your page with all your followers by posting the link on your Google Plus personal profile (if you have one).

2) Add a Google Plus page badge to your website (grab the badge code from the Google Plus Pages dashboard after you’ve created your page).

3) Share the link with your customers in emails, Tweet it, share it on Facebook or on forums.

Is It Worth Bothering With Google Plus Pages?

Google Plus Pages are still extremely new and are lacking a lot of features you may be used to on sites like Facebook. Only time will tell whether these Pages can have the same impact that Facebook Pages have, and whether your niche market will be interested in joining Google Plus at all.

The good news, however, is that Pages are extremely quick to create. Because of the simple features, you can create a pleasing Page in five minutes. It’s up to you to decide whether the ongoing upkeep is worth it.

How To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

pick of the day2Growing your Facebook fan page can be really difficult at first. It’s like making that snowman that just refuses to get born, no matter how much snow you try to roll. Getting to the tipping point is awkward and a lot if work if you are haphazard in your methods.

Amy Porter just posted a seriously great post I wanted to share with you that goes into the process of moving your friends to your fan page.

Follow this link to read all about how Amy suggests you grow your Facebook fan page.

DIY Press Release Tips

free press release sitesMany business owners are under the false belief that writing an effective press release has to be done by an expert, and that it takes expert knowledge to magically craft the right words and garner media attention. The honest truth is that with a little time and energy you can write your own press releases. The benefit for doing it yourself? You save money. You get the release out on your timetable and you have one hundred percent control over the release and the results.

The downside? It does take practice and it takes time to practice. But if you really want to save a few dollars and do it yourself, here’s a few tips you can’t ignore.

So what’s the secret? How do you make sure your press release gets noticed? Here are five do-it-yourself top tips.

Tip 1 – Understand what is newsworthy. Many beginners and experienced business owners alike make the mistake of submitting press releases that the media isn’t interested in. They make the release about themselves and their business. The media doesn’t care if you just released a book or launched a new product.

So what do they care about? They care about how the news affects the public. The media reports to the public and they want to discuss and report on things the general public will find interesting. That means when you’re writing a press release you want to be thinking about how it affects your community.

Tip 2 – Consider adding video or images. More and more reporting is becoming a multimedia affair. Television broadcasts release videos on air, and print uses images. We’re a visual society and when you can enhance a press release with a video or a photo, you’re adding value to that release in the eyes of the media.

Tip 3 – Spend time on your headline. Reporters and journalists are busy people. Just like you, they’ll give something about twenty seconds to capture their attention before moving on. That means your headline has to grab them by the eyeballs.

However, you probably want to skip anything too flashy or obvious. Over-the-top headlines don’t arouse curiosity and interest. They simply provoke a giggle and a rolling of the eyes. You also don’t want to bore them to tears. Show them how you’re providing a solution, addressing a problem and offering value.

Tip 4 – Make friends with the media. Media representatives are people too. They have good days and bad days. They respond better when they know you. And they appreciate not being hounded. There are a number of ways you can connect with media representatives and start building a relationship.

Social media is a powerful tool. You can also network with local media organizations and associations. Finally, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone from time to time and call them. However, before you do call them, consider their schedule. Afternoons, Mondays and Fridays are probably their busiest times – just like the rest of us.

Tip 5 – Start small. Aim for your local paper. Focus on a current event or issue in your community and connect with your local reporters. Often, big news agencies pick up stories from smaller papers and television stations. Starting small is often the key to going big.

Press releases aren’t difficult to create. They do, however, require an understanding of the media’s primary goals and objectives. Write your release for them, not you, and you’ll be well on your way to the coverage you desire.

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Facebook Rolling Out Events Promotion

pick of the day2 Someone remarked on my Facebook timeline the other day that if anyone wanted them NOT to know about their book launch, they should invite them to their Facebook event. On Facebook, events have long been hit and miss without some expertise. Due to the ripple effect they create with visibility to friends of friends, they can be either very effective – or very annoying! That may change now that Facebook are introducing new tools for page owners to promote their events. You can read more about Facebook’s new tools for event promotion here.

Twitter Analytics Available for Everyone

pick of the day2 Analytics are vital to any marketing campaign – whether it’s a traditional direct mail campaign or an ad placed on Google’s network. Since Twitter became involved in advertising for businesses it has allowed business users to analyze their account performance. That has changed, and now almost anyone can view their analystics. This is great news. Now you can understand your audience better or segment your audience into lists, which has always been a clever way to manage your followers. TechCrunch posted more details about this news in their article about how many people see your tweets.
Thanks to Todd Maffin for this walkthrough:

twitter followers

Get Twitter Followers – Without using Twitter

twitter-245460_1280Twitter is probably the most difficult social media platform to “get.” To the casual observer, its restrictive 140 character posting ability makes it seems like a very limited platform. Beneath the surface, however, lies one of the biggest and most thriving and interactive social hubs on the planet. This is after all, the social media platform that gets quoted on the news and that reporters and journalists are known to use for news gathering.

If Twitter isn’t part of your PR plan, you’d better think again.

Tweet this: 

Figuring out how to get your news across – whether personal or professional – in 140 characters may be the first stumbling block most users encounter, but it’s the effort involved in growing your tribe that proves to be the biggest deterrent for many. Twitter is just a massive ball of conversations that are happening simultaneously on a global scale.

Getting heard above the chatter is what will ultimately motivate Tweeps to retweet or follow you.

Though a reluctant entrant into Twitterland, I’ve come to enjoy it. Probably because I have discovered several methods for gathering followers and being retweeted without actually spending more than about an hour a week on Twitter! The first I am going to examine is Jooicer.


Having signed up for Jooicer’s free service, I wasn’t expecting what happened next. Almost immediately I started getting retweeted and my tweets favorited. At the same time, I began receiving messages on my iPad lock screen that I had a new follower. And it was happening five, six, and seven times a day. With no effort on my part. In fact I hadn’t even been on Twitter that week.

I’ve tried a few Twitter automation tools and without doubt this has been the most effective.

Here’s why it works:

In copywriting (persuasive writing) the most important word is YOU. Selling – even social selling, aka marketing – is all about what benefit you can provide for other people. On Twitter the currency is measured in Retweets and Favorites. So by retweeting and favoriting other people’s tweets we get on their radar as someone who is helping them establish themselves and grow their following. Our followers see us mention and interact with these new people and these new people see the opportunity to reach a new audience.

That’s what Jooicer does: finds tweets based on your criteria, then retweets or favorites them. What Jooicer gets right, where others get it wrong, is in how they automate your Twitter interactions.

Twitter Automation

Most people on Twitter are very turned off by automation. They will actively unfollow anyone who automates any significant amount of their tweets. Nor do they have any time for automated welcome messages that are nothing but thinly disguised traffic bait.

By simply favoriting or retweeting relevant tweets, we are seen as providing value. When you have a handful of new followers every day, on autopilot, it’s much easier to log in to your account once or twice a week and interact with your followers. No tumbleweed whistling down an empty street this time!

Using Jooicer is a bit like For those unfamiliar with web automation, that’s a site that automates your tasks by connection to many different apps. It stands for IF This Then That. On, automated tasks are called “recipes” and it’s the same here.

When you first log in, note the helpful tip on where to start. You can click the orange “Discover Ready to Use Recipes” button and instantly start using any recipes that capture your attention.

Screenshot - 27_08_2014 , 11_34_28

Here’s how simple it is:

Screenshot - 27_08_2014 , 12_10_08


Just click the bright orange “Create Recipe” button, read the terms of the recipe and then add your own settings:

Screenshot - 27_08_2014 , 12_11_34

Here’s the crucial part of this automation: Choose your keywords and hashtags carefully! It’s fairly obvious what #socialmedia and “social media manager” are about – and there’s a high percentage of people who will be very tolerant of one being mentioned with the other. But hashtags and keywords that may be open to interpretation will not be so readily accepted and could lead to losing a lot of followers. Coca Cola Company may not want to start retweeting or favoriting tweets from every #Coke addict out there!

Hashtag Marketing for SEM

Here’s what my recipe list looks like:

Screenshot - 27_08_2014 , 12_23_34

The toughest part of this will be to get your hashtags and keywords right, and after that you can leave Jooicer to run your Twitter campaign all on its own. There is good reason to come back and check your account though. Jooicer doesn’t just run the show for you, it creates some pretty helpful reports too.

In the My Recipes section of your dashboard you will find the option to view reports on the recipe’s activity as highlighted in red below:

Screenshot - 27_08_2014 , 12_28_09

Discover Influential Twitter Users in your Niche

The benefits of the report will vary depending on what recipe it is reporting on, but one of the most useful reports will be the one under Get User Data that’s entitled “Discover my influencers.” These are the influencers in your niche and you will see the numbers of followers they have cataloged along the right hand side of the page, along with a Follow button, should you wish to connect with them.

If you found this overview useful, please share it with your friends and followers. Don’t forget to subscribe for more of the same – direct to your inbox (not to mention 40 great tips on Social Media).

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